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Established ~ 1863
Unity - Honor - Equity

Honeyville Independence Day Celebration 2012


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Honeyville is located about 25 miles south of the Utah-Idaho border along I-15 (Exit 372). It's a small country town with a farming history & family values. The 2010 census puts our population at 1,441. To the right you'll see some photos of the area or past activities like the Great Basin Antique Machinery Association's Thrashing Demo 2003.

Honeyville City Recycling Program
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Welcome to Honeyville

Honeyville City
Post Office Box 142
Honeyville, Utah, 84314
GPS Coordinates: 41.3805 -112.0458
Mountain Standard time zone
Elevation: 4,265 (1,300m)
Population: 1,250 (2005)
Land area: 11.8 square miles
County: Box Elder

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